Fraud Litigation Support

Fraud Litigation Support

Fraud Litigation Support

Identifying and recovering from fraud can be complicated and stressful. Your organization’s reputation is on the line, and your trust has been betrayed. Fraud and forensic accountants understand your fears. They’ll work tirelessly to uncover and report the facts, document your case, explain complexities and serve as experts in litigation.

Our experienced professionals know the ins and outs of fraud and other financial abnormalities, and we’re prepared to help you navigate your complex financial concerns. Approaching each situation with care, we use proven forensic methodologies to help you uncover the facts and build the strongest case.

Over our history, we have assisted clients and attorneys in these and other matters::

  • Shareholder disputes
  • Dissenting shareholder actions
  • Partnership dissolutions
  • Arbitration of valuation issues
  • Lost earnings for both corporations and individuals
  • Bankruptcy and fraudulent conveyance actions
  • Analysis of damage claims
  • Infringement of intellectual property